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got a new vdeo up

2012-05-28 01:34:56 by choujiakamichi

its the new opening title sequence for the series and i hoe you guys enjoy it

after all this time i finaly got flash and fireworks so im starting to get bak to animting andonce i get the feel for it again ill start back up on kingdom heart flash(which is getting a reboot) it will still follow the plot i have now but it will have more scenes that will explain some stuff i couldnt fit in when i originaly made it so wish me luck all

i have a job so im gona b gettin some money in so now i can save up 4 flash and fireworks and start animating again and plus ill have the time to add voice buttons everything and a few suprise animations i have in store

false alarm

2010-05-14 17:25:41 by choujiakamichi

i wasnt able to aford aiu so i still cant continue if i got anyones hopes up im sorry

im back baby

2010-05-02 00:00:37 by choujiakamichi

kingdom hearts flash is makin a comeback i just got enrolled at AIU and there gonna give me flash and fireworks for free so keep ur fingers crossed and lets hope that i can get federal aid

i miss animating

2010-03-09 00:20:50 by choujiakamichi

every time i watch animations of others it makes me sad and wish i was animating still im trying to get a job so i can get flash and fireworks and if i do i can try my hand at 3d animating rather then using sprites maybe soon a can get a job and start up again but until then all i can do is mope

thats all she wrote

2009-06-13 14:14:56 by choujiakamichi

sadly i cant make any more animations until i can get flash program and everything i need but until i do there will be no new episodes coming out im sorry

episode 3 is on the way

2009-05-07 21:34:29 by choujiakamichi

i started it up havin a lil bit of writers block but i got a whole weekend to think up ideas so thats good. this one is going to have alot more action in it and a whole lotta ass kikin so wen it out i hope you enjoy

good news and bad news

2009-04-24 00:58:34 by choujiakamichi

as you see i got the extended ending out bad news is most likely it will be the last one i can get out since i can only work on the animations at school ill do my best to get out episode 3 but if i can get it thats it

good news

2009-04-09 19:48:24 by choujiakamichi

i fixed some of the stuff i already posted like the words going on to long so shut up about that. 2nd im almost done with the episode 2 extended ending so it should b out in a couple of weeks